• Konstantinos Besios

Nikon F-801s with Fujicolor 200

Although I shoot 35mm film almost exclusively with a Leica M6, there is a specific lens which I consider to be one of my all time favourites lenses , the Nikon 135mm f/2 DC.

A wonderful portrait lens which I also use for landscapes and documentary photography. The Nikon F-801s is my favourite Nikon camera because it’s relatively small and of course has auto focus. There are 135mm lenses for the Leica system but none of them is an f/2, and of course shooting a tele lens with rangefinder is not my piece of cake!!

The Nikon F-801s also has a maximum shutter speed of 1/8000 which is really important when shooting wide open during daylight.

Fujicolor 200 is a consumers film , and although not on par with the Kodak Portra series, the grain and color rendition of this emulsion can give some very interesting results! Also, when converted to Black and White, this film has a vintage look which personally I like very much.

Here are some images with this setup from my last evening walk at some beautiful Greek beaches.

A polarizer filter has been used in most of them.

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